Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation with Rope Suspension (French Suspension)

The human face begins to be unable to resist gravity and the effects of aging over time. Due to the decrease in collagen, loss of elasticity and weakened connective tissue, the face wrinkles, sagging skin occurs and sometimes the person starts to look older than he is. Face lift method with thread suspension is considered as an effective and important alternative for cases where aesthetic facial surgery is not considered.

Now there are many methods that can be preferred to look younger. One of them is the rope hanging method. Those who want to get rid of the wearing effect of time on the skin can easily benefit from this method. This process, also known as the French hanger, can be applied to both women and men.

Our skin is succumbing to gravity day by day. Loosening, sagging and deep wrinkles occur on the skin. Especially after a certain age, this effect can be observed more clearly. This is where the non-surgical facelift procedure comes into play.

The “rope hanging” method applied to prevent sagging that may occur in the face area over time and due to the effect of gravity; Under local anesthesia, it gives successful results in the face and neck area in 30 minutes. It is of great importance that the rope suspension, also known as the "non-surgical face lift method", is performed by an expert in this field under appropriate conditions.

In the Thread Lift Face Lift method, which is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure developed in France, a younger appearance is obtained by stretching the skin with flexible threads made of non-polyester silicone material.

Thread lift face lift is an ideal application for men and women who do not want to resort to plastic surgery solutions but want their skin to return to its former vigorous and lively appearance.

With this procedure, which is an alternative to face lift operation, the aging process is delayed while going back in time.

The most common area where the rope hanger is used for sagging and wrinkle treatments is the face and neck area. It is also applied to certain other parts of the body.

The rope hanging method is also defined as the "lunch break" and can be done even during the "lunch break", as it takes place in a short time.

The sagging of the cheeks and chin, the deep folds on the rim, and the appearance and sagging of the neck called "mane" can be eliminated by hanging a rope.

In which parts of the face is the Rope Strap used?

Clarification of cheeks and cheekbones
sagging under the chin
ovalizing the face
eyebrow lift
neck wrinkles
Advantages of Thread Lifting Application

The most important advantage of this process is that it is applied in a safe, painless and comfortable way without suture marks. Since it is applied with local anesthesia, there is no need for hospitalization, the patient can return to his social life immediately. It is extremely effective in sagging caused by gravity by applying an upward force thanks to the suspension effect.

It can be applied to women and men between the ages of 30-65 who need it. The results are quite natural. Mimics do not change. When relaxation is felt, re-stretching can be applied.

How to Apply a Face Lift with a Rope Strap?

Dynamic slings are applied under local anesthesia with a procedure that takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. In the control before the procedure, the points to be worked on in the application area are determined and the threads are placed under the skin. Since the attachment area of the thread is preferred as inside the head (over the ear), the process is completed without the need for stitches. Inflammation that may occur after the procedure can be easily relieved with painkillers. Daily life can be resumed immediately after the application.

Things to Consider After Application

It is recommended to rest for a few days after the dynamic rope is applied.
In the first days, jaw movements should be used at a minimum level.
Do not sleep face down.
During the face washing process, upward movements should be applied.
The skin should not be massaged or rubbed.
Rope Hanger Prices vary according to the amount of material to be used and the person to be applied. Pricing is determined by skin condition and needs.

Thread Lifting is a PAINLESS procedure performed without incision under local anesthesia.

Only one session is sufficient. If it is desired to be repeated, it can be repeated after two to five years.

Depending on the number of threads to be placed, the process takes between 30-60 minutes.

People between the ages of 30 and 65 who have problems in skin tightness, expect more permanent and long-lasting results compared to botox and fillers, and want to see a face lift effect without the need for surgical intervention are the most suitable candidates for this operation. It is important that the skin sagging of the people who will be treated is not too advanced. People with excessive sagging skin and well-settled deep lines are excluded from the suitable candidate profile for the procedure. In addition, the person should not be in the advanced stages of the aging process. Face lift surgery, which is the traditional method, will give better results for people who have an aging appearance.

In all procedures, the pain perceptions of the treatment recipients differ. Local anesthesia during the procedure can minimize pain and aches.

Swelling, itching, and redness may occur immediately after treatment. These symptoms disappear spontaneously after a few days. Dental treatment, facial massage and excessive sports are not recommended for a few weeks following the treatment. It is also important to lie on your back for a while to prevent any complications.

The threads used during the procedure are completely compatible with the human skin and dissolve in the skin within a certain time. Post-procedure side effects are so rare and few that the patient can continue his normal life after the operation.

The threads used during the process will stay under the skin for 6 to 9 months. They are completely safe and biodegradable, which means they break down naturally over time. After they are placed under the skin triggers and increases the skin's own natural collagen and elastin synthesis, they create a revival, regeneration, recovery, vitality and lifting (lifting-stretching) effect on the skin for more than 2 years. Tthe threads do not cause any harm to human health.